International Summer Camps

In Dubai , Malaysia and Singapore

Embassy Camps providing Best Language and summer camps combining holidays abroad with teaching aimed at holistic development of childrens

Summer Camps by Embassy Camp

The learning principles of our Summer camps are based on the holistic improvement of our student’s mental, physical, and social skills. Regardless of the Summer camp program, all the components are brought to participants via an interactive and fun environment filled with games, activities, and prizes.

16 years’ experience in educating and training children

Over 4,000 participants of our summer camps

4000+ Positive Reviews

Upcoming international summer camps in Dubai,
Malaysia and Singapore

This summer, Explore our Summer Camps in Dubai, Malaysia, and Singapore. Take part in joyous events and cultural e­ncounters while cultivating personal e­volution. From desert excursions in Dubai to rainfore­st investigations in Malaysia and metropolitan adventure­s in Singapore, our Summer camp provides an unforgettable­ summer experie­nce for children of all ages.


Skills learned and improved in our summer camps

Our Summer Camps are holistic programs focused on the improvement of kid’s mental, physical, social and leadership skills which are so important in the modern world

We help teenagers to become high achievers through our Summer Camps

A coordinated approach is a core feature of our Summer Camps. Since 2008 we have created and perfected our programs to holisticly develop each participant’s skillsets. Different programs are addressed to develop their smart skills, AI platforms skills, or English language proficiency for non-English speaking students.

The focus of Embassy Camps is safety in everything

Our Summer Camp’s group leaders take care of your children 24/7 and find an individual approach to each child.

Accompanying children by group leader from the airport

Two separate student dormitories, one for boys and one for girls

Closed guarded territory on the basis of the British School

Accompanying children by camp counselors during excursions and walks

Custom Summer Camps for your group

Haven’t found desired dates? Good news: it’s summer all year round in Malaysia and Singapore & Dubai. Get in touch for a tailor-made Summer Camp for your group and our professional educators will be happy to help you to create a camp for any dates needed.

Our Past Summer Camps

Check out our Embassy English 2023 video

Excursions during the summer camp

Malaysia, Dubai and Singapore have lots of sites for curious minds. We fill our summer camps and boarding camps with guided excursions to visit the most famous landmarks around.

Evening activities at the summer camp

Learning through experience is the key component of our Summer camps. We arrange daily evening activities that develop confidence, public speaking skills, teamwork, decision making and other qualities in the participants of our summer camps.

What do parents say about our summer camps?

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