International Summer Camps in Singapore

Discover exciting summer camps in Singapore with Embassy Camps! Fun, growth, and unforgettable experiences await your child. Enroll today!

Upcoming Summer Camps In Singapore

Get ready for extraordinary adventures at our upcoming summer camps in Singapore! Offering a fusion of urban exploration, cultural immersion, and educational activities, children from diverse backgrounds will find something to treasure. Embark on a summer camp brimming with excitement, friendship, and enrichment amidst Singapore’s captivating cityscape and vibrant cultural tapestry! Join our community this season for an unforgettable adventure your child will cherish for years to come.

Why choose Summer camp in singapore?

International Summer camp in Singapore will allow participants to plunge into the life of one of the cleanest, safest, high-tech and green cities in the world. The camp program is an intensive English course with the addition of an excursion program on weekends The guys will spend their free time studying the life of this, perhaps, the best city in the world, which relies on the education and professionalism of its population, as the main element on the path to its well-being.

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world

Finest Country

Unique Attractions

Why CHOOSE Embassy Summer Camps?

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Why CHOOSE Embassy Summer Camps?

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Embassy Camp Offer

The most interesting, motivating science lectures


Personal growth

2 snacks and healthy lunch provided

The most experienced Summer Camp in Malaysia


Skills learned and improved in our summer camp in SIngapore

Our summer Camps in Singapore offers holistic programs aimed at enhancing children’s mental, physical, social, and leadership skills crucial in today’s world.

We help teenagers to become high achievers through our Summer Camps

A coordinated approach is a core feature of our Summer Camps in Singapore. Since 2009 we have created and perfected our programs to holisticly develop each participant’s skillsets. Different programs are addressed to develop their smart skills, AI platforms skills, or English language proficiency for non-English speaking students.

The focus of Embassy Camps is safety in everything

Our Summer Camp’s group leaders take care of your children 24/7 and find an individual approach to each child.

Accompanying children by group leader from the airport

Two separate student dormitories, one for boys and one for girls

Closed guarded territory on the basis of the Hotels

Accompanying children by camp counselors during excursions and walks 

Custom Summer Camps for your group

Haven’t found desired dates? Good news: it’s summer all year round in Singapore. Get in touch for a tailor made Summer Camp for your group and our professional educators will be happy to help you to create a camp for any dates needed.

Accompany your child to Summer Camp in Singapore and have a great family holiday before or after the camp.

Singapore is renowned for its modern attractions and vibrant culture. Embassy Camps is affiliated with a prominent travel group operating in Dubai, Malaysia, and Singapore. We present enticing packages for parents seeking to explore these destinations while their child attends camp. Consider planning your family holiday two weeks prior to or after the camp to avoid disruptions to the camp program. Additionally, we offer annual family camps tailored for parents and children to enjoy together. Explore SIngapore’s wonders with Embassy Camps!

Excursions during the summer camp in Malaysia

Malaysia has lots of sites for curious minds. We fill our summer camps and boarding camps with guided excursions to visit the most famous landmarks around.

Excursions during the Summer Camp in Singapore

Singapore boasts numerous fascinating attractions perfect for curious minds. At our summer camps and boarding camps, we organize guided excursions to explore the city’s most renowned landmarks and sites of interest. Join us as we delve into Singapore’s vibrant culture and iconic destinations during our enriching  Summer camp experiences!

Evening activities at the summer camp in Malaysia

Here­ at our summer camps in Malaysia, we prioritize hands-on le­arning as a fundamental part of the expe­rience. Each eve­ning, activities are carefully planne­d to help build confidence, stre­ngthen public speaking skills, improve te­amwork, sharpen decision-making abilities, and nurture­ other important attributes in our campers. Come­ spend an enriching time with us at our Malaysian summe­r camps!

Our Summer Camps In Other Countries

Our international summer camps in Malaysia and Dubai present a unique opportunity for youth to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, acquire new languages, and hone essential life skills in a secure and nurturing setting. These programs are thoughtfully curated to combine educational enrichment with fun recreational activities, guaranteeing a well-rounded and unforgettable overseas experience.

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